The Royal Order hosted a Twitter Space where we a had 15 year veteran physician stop by to answer questions and share information about both the COVID-19 virus itself and the vaccine.

Doc is a lifelong gamer himself so he understands gamers and how gamers view life. This man is an emergency room doctor and he has a very open and transparent conversation with The Nation. Even though the Doc games on all platforms, his favorite game of all time is Ghost of Tsushima… so he clearly knows what he’s talking about! 😂

Ok all jokes aside, this is an amazing Twitter Space. One of the best we’ve ever hosted if you ask me. And I’m asking me. Like I said, the conversation was completely open, honest, and transparent.

He didn’t sugarcoat anything nor did he try to damage control anything. Doc kept it a buck the entire time. I’m sure most of y’all realize how rare that is to find.

Do your family, your community, and yourself a favor and watch this replay of that Twitter Space. I think you’ll find something useful.