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Long years ago, PlayStation entered the gaming space and the entire industry was shaken to its core. That storied history of excellence, innovation, and domination continues to this day.

We hope you enjoy your stay here as we celebrate #Greatness!

Shawn Layden talks gaming industry
Greetings and salutations Pegasus Nation! We have a treat for The Nation as PlayStation alumnus Shawn Layden joins the crew of What’s Up PlayStation to talk gaming. It’s a very candid conversation about the industry. WUPS is an incredible PlayStation-centric podcast. It is hosted by JayBari […]
Ayye! Welcome Pegasus Nation! Welcome! It’s another glorious day in The Nation as today is the day we get our hands on the amazing Kena Bridge of Spirits! So once again, PlayStation has delivered another BANGR to The Nation and I, for one, couldn’t be more […]
The Royal Order hosted a Twitter Space where we a had 15 year veteran physician stop by to answer questions and share information about both the COVID-19 virus itself and the vaccine. Doc is a lifelong gamer himself so he understands gamers and how gamers view […]