Gaming is the hobby.

Console gaming to be more specific.

It’s a big industry and getting bigger all the time.

Forty years ago, we could fit every gamer in the world in a single baseball stadium. Today we’d need a small country to accomplish the same thing. People come to gaming from all walks of life, looking for new gaming experiences and thrills that they could never encounter in real life.

Some jump right in and immediately start contributing a net positive impact to the various gaming communities in which they choose to participate. Others choose a losing side (Xbox) and as a result start to spread misinformation, fear, uncertainty and doubt. That’s when we go to work.

We’re The Royal Order of Pegasus Nation and we’re sworn to protect the glory of #Greatness from all enemies both foreign and domestic. We’ve been empowered to protect The Pegasus Nation with equal and measurable force against its assailants.

Our weapons are:

  • #Greatness
  • Superior Humor
  • Advanced Technical Expertise
  • Sublime Video-Editing Competence
  • Encyclopedic Gaming Knowledge
  • Extraordinary Gaming Skills
  • Wide Array of Games Played
  • Fearlessness in the face of opposition
  • Twitter
  • YouTube

Joining The Royal Order

The Royal Order is ruled by the Gamer High Council; a board of directors that collaborate at the highest levels to ensure the edicts of The Royal Order are being fulfilled. This governing body has all decision making power and their rulings are final.

People often ask “how do I enter the Pegasus Nation?”

As explained  here, the only thing you have to do to Join the Pegasus Nation is accept #Greatness. Nothing else is required as your entry is 100% automatic once you’ve done this. So to be clear, you don’t have to do anything to join The Pegasus Nation but enjoy #Greatness on PlayStation.

However, if you want to pick up the fight and join The Royal Order, then you must petition the Gamer High Council. Make sure this is something that you’re ready for because fighting BOTS on a daily basis is not for the feint of heart. You must be built for this in order to protect #Greatness from the tomfoolery of the BOTS.

The Governing Body – The 7 Elementals

Below are the 7Elementals of the Gamer High Council; the highest ranking officials in the board of directors and the sole governing body over The Royal Order of Pegasus Nation

Grand Overlord


Special Moves Include mastery of logic, reasoning, and clear thinking.

Supreme Overseer


Undisputed master of the troll. The king of comedy. He is single-handedly responsible for the tears of a bajillion BOTS

High Chancellor


Top level mastery in all 28 forms of the Gaming Arts. Specializes in gaming variety and esoteric knowledge

Chief Justice

Optimus Code

Tech Oracle. Cloud Architect. Delights in bringing BOTS to justice in front of the people

Pegasus Commissioner


Platinum Gamer. 10th Degree Black belt in Gaming-Fu. Gaming pedigree skills are unmatched in all of gaming

The PlayStation Assassin


Once PlayStation is attacked, he’s there with facts to decapitate lies and misinformation.