Shawn Layden talks gaming industry

Greetings and salutations Pegasus Nation! We have a treat for The Nation as PlayStation alumnus Shawn Layden joins the crew of What’s Up PlayStation to talk gaming. It’s a very candid conversation about the industry.

WUPS is an incredible PlayStation-centric podcast. It is hosted by JayBari & Persona. They are two Elementals from The Royal Order of Pegasus Nation. If you haven’t already, go subscribe to this amazing podcast! They broadcast live every Saturday morning at 11am Eastern.

Shawn Layden was instrumental in the success of the PS4

Interviewing Greatness

Sit back, relax, and enjoy this stunning interview! PlayStation genius Shawn Layden shares many intelligent insights about the business of gaming.

The crew did an excellent job leading the discussion into topics that gamers care about. They discuss cross generation games, subscription services, and games going to PC.

Shawn gave complete answers full of insight and wisdom. He didn’t evade any questions. His responses were very thoughtful and detailed. It’s a pleasure to listen to him speak.

Check out the entire podcast below!