Ayye! Welcome Pegasus Nation! Welcome! It’s another glorious day in The Nation as today is the day we get our hands on the amazing Kena Bridge of Spirits!

So once again, PlayStation has delivered another BANGR to The Nation and I, for one, couldn’t be more excited!

As many of you know, Kena Bridge Of Spirits dropped today but if you’d preordered it, you were able to access it an hour early. That’s exactly what I did and let me tell you, I was immediately blown away!

We’ll have a full on impression-piece up soon but right now I’d like to talk about all the simpin’ BOTS and their lame detective skill talking about “the game must be 🗑 since we didn’t get any reviews yet”! Uhhhh… oops 🤭

Kena Bridge of Spirits
Early Metacritic Scores Looking Good

When will those pesky BOTS ever learn we don’t need their concern over here in The Pegasus Nation? 😂

We good over here and whenever there is a problem, we handle that business all on our own! So we don’t need any assistance from them. They should focus on cleaning up their own house. Let them concentrate on forcing their own platform to deliver a steady supply of AAA BANGRs!!