Pegasus Nation is a fun loving and devoted collection of avid gamers. We luv all things gaming! Our prime directive is enjoying an unending supply of amazing gaming experiences.

We enjoy all manner of games from all manner of genres. There isn’t just “one type of game” that defines us. However, there is one thing that all of our experiences must have and that is emotion. It is crucial to us that the games we take the time to experience make us feel something.

Often what we feel is not up to us. This is controlled by the incredible game developers that create these fabulous worlds for us to inhabit. We trust the storytelling and the immersion to the capable hands of the world-builders.

From our collective experience, an undeniable invariant has revealed itself; The absolute best gaming experiences are created by PlayStation Studios. Facts! So while we can find other interesting experiences on other platforms, it’s unequivocally true that the best experiences are only on PlayStation.

Anyone calling themselves a REAL gamer without experiencing what PlayStation has to offer is a bonafide fraud. These are not opinions. These are not our individual preferences that we push on others; far from it. It is objectively proven that PlayStation has the single best collection of gaming content available anywhere in the known universe.

So while you can take a REAL gamer away from her PlayStation, you can’t take her PlayStation away from a REAL gamer. FACTS!

How To Join

You don’t really need to do anything to join us. Membership just happens automatically inside of you once you realize the same things that we’ve come to understand. Once these truths become self-evident, you’re instantly part of the Pegasus Nation. Our wish is for all gamers to enjoy PlayStation’s #Greatness and game on!