Thursday September 9th, 2021, PlayStation revealed that it has secured the exclusive video-game rights to Marvel’s Wolverine! That’s right y’all. Wolverine is exclusive to PlayStation, as he should be. This popular, A-List Marvel character joins The Amazing Spider-Man as the second top-tier hero to join #Greatness.

As you can imagine, those pesky BOTS went bonkers all over social media. So many BOT tears. So many cries of pain and anguish over this delightful revelation! Watching the BOT meltdown was almost as entertaining as the news itself. This was definitely some of the biggest gaming news of the year. FACTS!

Just as exciting as the reveal, was learning which PlayStation studio would be handling this top-shelf IP. It’s obvious to anyone that’s paying attention that Insomniac Games has been carrying PlayStation. It’s fitting that the fabulous studio behind Spider-Man and Miles Morales would create this game too!

All I can say to you BOTS is cry more! 😂