During the incredible reveal of Wolverine coming exclusively to PlayStation 5, several crafty Pegasus Nation users have uncovered several clues!

Deciphering these clues leads one to believe the Hulk will make an appearance in the game.

Will he? Won’t he? The signs sure look compelling to me!

The Clues That Point to Hulk Joining Wolverine on PlayStation 5

  • There’s a HLK 181 license plate on the wall – Issue 181 of Hulk has him fighting Wolverine
  • The value $19.74 is rung up on the cash register – 1974 is the year Hulk 181 was released

So what do you think? Are these some solid clues or is this a reach? We know that Insomniac Games doesn’t have these items scattered around the scene for nothing right? So we know something’s going on. But can we figure out what that is? That’s the question.

Also, can you imagine how many liters of BOT tears will flow if this is confirmed? 😂😂